Recruitment Opportunities

If you are considering visiting the Iberian Peninsula and are seeking a new and interesting job with opportunities to develop your professional skills and to practice or learn the Spanish language please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your individual requirements with a view to finding you a placement.

The major part of our activities is in Catalonia however in our ever growing database we are continuously receiving requirements from companies located in other regions of Spain.

Our strategy is orientated towards the recruitment of personnel according to the requirements of the employment industry at any given time and their particular needs, this allows us to marry the requirements of an individuals request to that of the employer.

In our ever growing database of job offers we find the needs of both the employer and employees are ever changing but our level of experience and knowledge now gained allows us to offer employment to personnel of a nature they may have not previously considered it is for this reason we consider all applications irrespective of experience and knowledge of the Spanish language.

We will help you with advice offering you all the facilities and information that you will need to be well prepared for the meeting with your employer.

Please note Pan Euro does not charge any commission for carrying out the recruitment process.

If you are interested in our offer please see the diagram below to see the few easy steps to recruitment:

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