About Us

Pan European Solutions was established as a company concentrating on the offer of investment advice to the Spanish property market and for help and advice on the importation of Polish products to Spain (mainly for the building industry).

After many years of working in close partnerships within the Spanish market place and building strong business ties and relationships collaborations have now been formed within the employment industry allowing us to work within the Tourism, Hostelry, Building, Shipyards and Medical profession and many others offering both seasonal and full time employment.

Our scope of operations continues to grow for example we are now also providing to such diverse areas as exhibitions events and corporate entertainment and consequently are requiring skilled people for this type of work as well as many other disciplines both skilled and unskilled.

Pan EuroSol SLU works continuously to maintain and offer a high standard of service and consequently this has led us to achieve an excellent reputation and allowing us to build and work with respected authorities from within both the private and public sectors consistently fulfilling their requirements.